Lots-a Rocks!

We built another terraced set of rock walls.  This one was nearly 60 feet long.  We built a set of rustic stairs to get access to the yard, a luxury cedar fence with a simple gateway trellis over a garden gate.  Also, even though I’m not showing it we added an extension on an existing wood deck.  Enjoy.


Bluestone Garden Bench

Here’s a short video of a garden bench Nancy designed that we built for the current project.  I get a lot of satisfaction out of building with stone.


Please enjoy the video of the process.


Nancy’s Office Window Planter Box

Here’s the lovely planting for early fall 2016.  Nancy wondered why I was bothering to make a movie of it, but this topic embodies three of my favorite things; Nancy, Nancy’s plants and Nancy’s office.

Please enjoy the slideshow starring Daphne, Chrysanthemum, Wire Vine, Heuchera and Spirea.
























Closely-fit flagstone patio

I made a simple slideshow video to illustrate a variety of flagstone installation that we take pride in; the jigsaw shaped and fitted stones that make up this style of patio.  It takes patience and a good supply of high quality flagstones to achieve this level of work.  This is a project where we built the hardscape in September and will return to plant the landscape in the fall.


Please enjoy the videography:


Basalt Rock Retaining Wall

This video is an excellent example of our ability to build great landscape features for our customers even when their yard is difficult to access.  In this example, the customer had a steep slope in their backyard- the access was through a narrow gate and they live on a busy street.  None of this obstacles prevented us from installing a terraced retaining wall with 20 tons of 1-man basalt rocks.  Their yard went from an unnavigable cliff of brambles and blackberry vines to a lovely set of terraces with a patio area and planting beds.


Enjoy the drama: