More Before and After

I stitched-together a short video of a recent project Nancy designed that we built.  It’s a very satisfying “before and after” project where it went from overgrown chaos to well-mannered forest garden.  It features Nancy’s trademark sawn-stone stairs as well as landscape lighting.  We use Volt brand lights.  They’re a little “spendy” as one says in the Northwest, but the’ve very high quality solid brass and they should last forever.


Please enjoy the short slideshow.  This really was a satisfying project!


A whiz at patterns

Watch the efficiency of the crew as they lay out the pavers for the lead guy to install the pattern.  This project was around 1,000 square feet and we got it mostly installed in the workday.  Ten pallets!  The helpers each split up the chore of carrying stacks of pavers to their boss, but the installer moved around 20,000 pounds of pavers that day- at three to four pounds per unit.


Watch how efficiently he moves as he places the pavers.  Enjoy!


My Electric Bicycle.

I built this fat tire mountain bike and added an electric motor.  It’s the kind of motor that installs in the place where the bike pedals go.  The motor has several levels of assist that use the riders input to engage the power of the motor.  I pedal the bike, but the motor helps me with the pedaling.




I haven’t worked out all the bugs from the technology, it left me somewhat vulnerable on my most recent ride.  Watch the short video and see the drama unfold.


Before and After: Lawn to Garden with 2 Rain Gardens to boot!

This one is a typical example of a customer who contacted us wanting to have a rain garden installed and was receptive to Cindy’s design input.  The garden lost the homeowner-ish wooden fence, lost the lawn, lost the weed-ridden brick walkway border and lost some scraggly shrubbery that had led a like of ill-informed torturous pruning.  We were able to capture all of the roof water by building two rain gardens.  We installed our drip irrigation system to help the planting get established and some simple landscape lighting.


Please enjoy the micro-doccumentary.


Soy Grease

Landscaping is a very satisfying endeavor.  It is so wonderful to revisit the gardens we have built years ago and marvel at the potency imbued in little plants as they progress into maturity.  Sun and soil, water and warmth, elbow grease and… globs of grease!?

Its an unintended consequence of the process, machinery sometimes will spew a glob of lubrication as a function of use.  It’s not desirable and it’s not “organic”.

I found an alternative to the petroleum lubrication every earth-moving machinery user needs to use.  It’s a soy based grease made by UltraLube.  So far I’ve used three tubes of it and as far as I can tell it performs as well as the petrochemical grease it replicates.

So, what of the globs of grease the machine will inevitably drip on one of our organic landscaping projects?  They will biodegrade!

Here’s a link to the manufacturer: