Lots-a Rocks!

We built another terraced set of rock walls.  This one was nearly 60 feet long.  We built a set of rustic stairs to get access to the yard, a luxury cedar fence with a simple gateway trellis over a garden gate.  Also, even though I’m not showing it we added an extension on an existing wood deck.  Enjoy.


Before and After: Lawn to Garden with 2 Rain Gardens to boot!

This one is a typical example of a customer who contacted us wanting to have a rain garden installed and was receptive to Cindy’s design input.  The garden lost the homeowner-ish wooden fence, lost the lawn, lost the weed-ridden brick walkway border and lost some scraggly shrubbery that had led a like of ill-informed torturous pruning.  We were able to capture all of the roof water by building two rain gardens.  We installed our drip irrigation system to help the planting get established and some simple landscape lighting.


Please enjoy the micro-doccumentary.