Lots-a Rocks!

We built another terraced set of rock walls.  This one was nearly 60 feet long.  We built a set of rustic stairs to get access to the yard, a luxury cedar fence with a simple gateway trellis over a garden gate.  Also, even though I’m not showing it we added an extension on an existing wood deck.  Enjoy.


Cedar Railing with 2×2 Lattice

Oh, hi there!  I see you’re looking at our video blog on our Landscape Design and Construction web site.  Thanks for your interest.  I usually write a short introduction of each video, but today I’m lacking creative inspiration so I’ll just state the facts about this short video.  It was shot using an Apple 5 iPhone and edited on iMovie on our iMac.  I used my Makita brand cordless saw to make the cuts and a Makita brand cordless impact driver to attach stainless steel screws to the Western Red Cedar wood and posts.  The rest of the project is heavily guarded trade secret, so shrouded in industrial mystique as to invoke the non-disclosure pact of the ancient code of the Trades Guild Fraternity Provision.  So, please enjoy the video with caution.




Cedar Privacy Fence with Heirloom Artifact

Our customer had a precious family heirloom she wanted to have featured in the gate we built for her project.  Or, maybe the antique-esque thing will someday become an heirloom.  Or maybe the thing was part of a hair loom.  Maybe I need to get my hearing checked.  Anyway, here’s a another mini-doccumentary for the short-attention-span theater:




The Horizontal Cedar Fence and how I have learned to (like) it

Fence boards should be oriented like the trees from where they got made: vertically.   Am I right?  No, actually I am not right.  I’m finally on board with this newfangled trend of turning the fence board sideways.  When I say newfangled, of course I mean for a decade now.  Maybe longer.  To me the urban privacy fence needed to not look like an agricultural installation, but after having built dozens and dozens of horizontally oriented luxury privacy fences for very nice customers, I’m just now thinking they can sometimes look sophisticated and urban.  Here’s a picture essay of a fence a recent customer asked us to do.  Ironically, it’s got the agricultural elements of not only the corral-style horizontal fence board but also they wanted corrugated galvanized iron roof panels.  I think it’s a fitting addition to their pastoral-themed yard.  What do you think?


Please enjoy the mini drama: