Organic Landscaping: Weeds

When your neighbor is outside tending to his dandelion patch do you see the gallon size bottle of Roundup next to where he’s working, or does he keep it in the garage?


Here’s another example of a way to address the unwanted plants in your natural environment without poisoning the watershed with “safe” chemical defoliants.  Warning!  May cause minor blisters and dirty clothing.




Soy Grease

Landscaping is a very satisfying endeavor.  It is so wonderful to revisit the gardens we have built years ago and marvel at the potency imbued in little plants as they progress into maturity.  Sun and soil, water and warmth, elbow grease and… globs of grease!?

Its an unintended consequence of the process, machinery sometimes will spew a glob of lubrication as a function of use.  It’s not desirable and it’s not “organic”.

I found an alternative to the petroleum lubrication every earth-moving machinery user needs to use.  It’s a soy based grease made by UltraLube.  So far I’ve used three tubes of it and as far as I can tell it performs as well as the petrochemical grease it replicates.

So, what of the globs of grease the machine will inevitably drip on one of our organic landscaping projects?  They will biodegrade!

Here’s a link to the manufacturer: