An Audience for Planting

These cute kids were assembled at the edge of the neighbor’s lawn with popsicles in hand by the neighbor mom who was glad to have the kids outside and entertained for the few moments while they watched us plant today’s garden.  I asked the mom for permission to publish the video I was determined to make due to the adorable scene.


Enjoy the mini spectacle:


The Horizontal Cedar Fence and how I have learned to (like) it

Fence boards should be oriented like the trees from where they got made: vertically.   Am I right?  No, actually I am not right.  I’m finally on board with this newfangled trend of turning the fence board sideways.  When I say newfangled, of course I mean for a decade now.  Maybe longer.  To me the urban privacy fence needed to not look like an agricultural installation, but after having built dozens and dozens of horizontally oriented luxury privacy fences for very nice customers, I’m just now thinking they can sometimes look sophisticated and urban.  Here’s a picture essay of a fence a recent customer asked us to do.  Ironically, it’s got the agricultural elements of not only the corral-style horizontal fence board but also they wanted corrugated galvanized iron roof panels.  I think it’s a fitting addition to their pastoral-themed yard.  What do you think?


Please enjoy the mini drama:


Spring Alpine Wildflowers, Olympic National Forest

I had a nice getaway to the area above the Skokomish River near the High Steel Bridge.  I brought my mountain bike and had a nice ride along overgrown roads where I saw a few trillium alongside the road.  They inspired me to seek out the various wildflowers that are up around that elevation this time of spring.  I can’t really I.D. them except to call the red ones “Indian Paintbrushes”, the blue ones “Lupines”, and the long-stemed white ones “Bear Paws”.  I’m not sure that’s right.  I did not go back to where the Trillium were, I just assumed I’d see more on my way back down, but alas, they eluded my videography that day.


Enjoy the cinematic horticulture:


Organic Landscaping: Weeds

When your neighbor is outside tending to his dandelion patch do you see the gallon size bottle of Roundup next to where he’s working, or does he keep it in the garage?


Here’s another example of a way to address the unwanted plants in your natural environment without poisoning the watershed with “safe” chemical defoliants.  Warning!  May cause minor blisters and dirty clothing.




More Before and After

I stitched-together a short video of a recent project Nancy designed that we built.  It’s a very satisfying “before and after” project where it went from overgrown chaos to well-mannered forest garden.  It features Nancy’s trademark sawn-stone stairs as well as landscape lighting.  We use Volt brand lights.  They’re a little “spendy” as one says in the Northwest, but the’ve very high quality solid brass and they should last forever.


Please enjoy the short slideshow.  This really was a satisfying project!