Basalt Rock Retaining Wall

This video is an excellent example of our ability to build great landscape features for our customers even when their yard is difficult to access.  In this example, the customer had a steep slope in their backyard- the access was through a narrow gate and they live on a busy street.  None of this obstacles prevented us from installing a terraced retaining wall with 20 tons of 1-man basalt rocks.  Their yard went from an unnavigable cliff of brambles and blackberry vines to a lovely set of terraces with a patio area and planting beds.


Enjoy the drama:



Garden Sculptures

We’d like to offer these small stone sculptures to our customers for decoration in their gardens or for use in weighting down tree branches or even holding down tarp corners.  Here’s an example of a series of new art objects, to see more variety on this theme, please go to the fasoldtgardens youtube channel and lookup Stone Garden Sculptures.  Thanks


Juniper Timbers: planting bed and retaining wall

Hi ho.  It’s me again.  I made a short movie about a small project we did for a customer who found, then hired us from doing a google search on working with Juniper lumber.  Maybe you’ve already looked up Juniper lumber and know it’s a nuisance species here in the Pacific Northwest.  What you may not know is how aromatic the lumber is.  It smells like a hiking trip in the sagelands (but it’s a dry heat) of Eastern Oregon.  It’s basically wonderful to smell but some squirrely stuff to force into a straight line.  The tradeoff is the two features.  One. we’re putting a use to an invasive nuisance plant, two is it has phenomenal rot-resistant characteristics.  Oh, it’s also not chemically treated, so make that 9 features.  Math are hard. Enjoy the drama:

Cedar Railing with 2×2 Lattice

Oh, hi there!  I see you’re looking at our video blog on our Landscape Design and Construction web site.  Thanks for your interest.  I usually write a short introduction of each video, but today I’m lacking creative inspiration so I’ll just state the facts about this short video.  It was shot using an Apple 5 iPhone and edited on iMovie on our iMac.  I used my Makita brand cordless saw to make the cuts and a Makita brand cordless impact driver to attach stainless steel screws to the Western Red Cedar wood and posts.  The rest of the project is heavily guarded trade secret, so shrouded in industrial mystique as to invoke the non-disclosure pact of the ancient code of the Trades Guild Fraternity Provision.  So, please enjoy the video with caution.




Cedar Privacy Fence with Heirloom Artifact

Our customer had a precious family heirloom she wanted to have featured in the gate we built for her project.  Or, maybe the antique-esque thing will someday become an heirloom.  Or maybe the thing was part of a hair loom.  Maybe I need to get my hearing checked.  Anyway, here’s a another mini-doccumentary for the short-attention-span theater: