About Fasoldt Gardens

Fasoldt Gardens – an environmentally-minded urban landscaping company with a passion for excellence.

We live here!  We’ve been an in-city contractor for the entirety of our professional career.  You won’t spot our trucks wasting fuel in rush-hour traffic – we commute to your project from Fremont!

Fasoldt Gardens LLC is a family-owned landscape design and build company providing Seattle customers with unique, livable gardens.  Attention to detail and high regard for craft are some of the reasons our customers find Fasoldt Gardens a truly rewarding crew to work with.  We pride ourselves on being courteous to your neighbors and cleaning up at workdays’ end.  

We’re ecologically-oriented and respectful of the environment in every step of a project – we make the effort to recycle everything from plastic planter pots to concrete chunks. Our designs feature low-maintenance, site-appropriate plants that thrive in the Northwest. We favor hardscape installations that are permeable and we make the effort to sequester the rain water that falls on your property.  We’re dedicated, our trucks even run on biodiesel.

We’re proud of our extensive construction and design experience, and the fact that we use only salaried employees on our crews.

Nancy Fasoldt holds a degree in Design from Pratt Institute in New York City as well as a certificate in Horticultural Studies from The New York Botanical Garden. With a passion for plants and a commitment to continuing education, she keeps up-to-date on the latest in ecological garden design and plant research specific to the Pacific Northwest.

Dave Fasoldt is a formally trained Sculptor and his career has been as a builder. Dave is the foreman and project manager of every Fasoldt Gardens project.

Fasoldt is a mythical character in an opera.  Bonus points if you know what occupation Fasoldt has and in which opera.

We are licensed as a General Contractor in Washington State and have the requisite industrial insurance and bonding as mandated by the state department of Labor and Industries. We are a trained installer of Rain Gardens and Cisterns for Seattle Public Utilities Rainwise program.